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THE ORIGINAL 20 MINUTE WORKOUT from 1983 with Bess Motta. Nearly as popular as Jane Fonda Workout 1982, this version with Bess Motta is the Gold Standard in 80s high impact aerobic workout videos. With Leotards and spandex o-plenty this is a must own for 80s workout video fans. Bess Motta also made a brief appearance in The Terminator, as Linda Hamilton's roommate. Ron Harris (produced by Tantra Entertainment) created The Original 20 Minute workout in 1983. Bess and the girls are really into this workout routine.


A fantastic 80s workout video. These were popular on late night 80s TV with male viewers, as the tight leotard outfits and flexible women made for irresistible viewing for a lot of men. Bess Motta was always one of the lead and vocal instructors for these videos.


Actors: Bess Motta

Format: NTSC

Language: English

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Run Time: 60 minutes

20 Minute Workout DVD 1983 Bess Motta

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