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DVD Synopsis and information:
You're invited to a zany holiday celebration, as Fozzie Bear and all of his show-biz pals head for the country to spend Christmas at Fozzie's Mom's farm house! Christmas and the Muppets is a real treat for the entire family. The spirit begins to move the muppets and they start performing a play, live music and Fozzie even gets in on the act with some comedy relief. The story and puppet work on this telecast are first rate. A very fun Muppet Christmas holiday special that's suitable for viewing by the entire family. Kermit and the gang are really fun and in fantastic holiday form for this Christmas Special. Christmas spirit and songs are everywhere on this family favorite Muppet Christmas special. A Muppet Family Christmas 1987 DVD is a great way to enjoy Christmas on home video.

You can see the expressiveness in the Muppet's faces. The puppeteer work is off the charts. Of course Ms. Piggy talks to Kermit on the phone and she plans on paying a visit in person to spend Christmas day with her true love and sneak a mistletoe kiss from Kermit too! All the Muppets look great in this Holiday special as well. There is snow and all manner of Christmas atmosphere and spirit in this fantastic holiday special. This is fantastic holiday and family entertainment. After 20 years A Muppet Family Christmas is still a priceless holiday movie for all to treasure. There is no better Muppet Christmas movie, this is a must own. A Muppet Family Christmas DVD continues to be a wonderful family holiday movie treat.

A Muppet Family Christmas DVD 1987 is a wonderful Holiday Christmas TV program for the entire family. Henson was at the top of his game when he created A Muppet Family Christmas 1987 DVD.
A Muppet Family Christmas DVD brings you warmth and holiday cheer. Henson did some of his best work on A Muppet Family Christmas DVD TV show. Jim Henson knocked A Muppet Family Christmas DVD TV special out of the park. A Muppet Family Christmas DVD is a muppet holiday tradition and classic.

Product Information
Bonus Trailers
Interactive Menus
Scene Selections
Standard 1.33:1 Color
Audio: (more info)
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Stereo [CC]

Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Production Year: 1993
Release Date: 11/6/2001

Length: 42 mins
Rating: NR
Chapters: 20

A Muppet Family Christmas DVD 1987

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