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A fantastic collection of Disney Christmas classic themed cartoon shorts. All Digitally remastered on DVD for the BEST POSSIBLE PICTURE. Included are: Once Upon a Wintertime, Santa's Workshop, The Night Before Christmas, Pluto's Christmas Tree, On Ice, Donald's Snow Fight & more!

The six short animated films from the Walt Disney Studios share themes of wintertime and Christmas. In Once Upon a Wintertime 1954, a young couple go ice skating, where they are joined by a pair of rabbits who get caught up in the romance of Christmas time on the winter ice. Santa's Workshop 1932 tells the story of Santa's elves toiling away to make toys for the children before Christmas. Another Silly Symphonies entry The Night Before Christmas 1933 is an animated retelling of the classic Christmas Eve poem of the same name. Pluto's Christmas Tree 1952 features the naught chipmunks Chip and Dale who mercilessly tease Pluto from within the branches of a gorgeous Christmas tree. On Ice 1935 has the whole original Disney gang of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and even Pluto who all are enjoying winter ice skating and more. Donald's Snow Fight 1942 has Donald Duck out matched against his mischievous nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie in an all out snowball assault.

A Walt Disney Christmas DVD 1982 compiles six cartoons from a simpler era gone by. Once Upon a Wintertime 1954 DVD is a sweet story with no dialogue, only music and wonderfully animated characters. The interaction of the two main characters of the man and woman are parodied with two rabbits of the opposite gender. Santa's Workshop 1932 DVD tells a more traditional story of Santa and his Elves on Christmas Eve and ow they're preparing old time presents for all the good little girls and boys. The Night Before Christmas 1933 DVD tells yet another classic tale of children with images of sugar canes and plums dancing in their heads as Santa will be dropping by their home on this magical night. Pluto's Christmas Tree 1952 DVD is a fun and raucous story about Pluto and how the two mischievous squirrels are attempting to foil his lovely Christmas Tree. On Ice 1935 DVD is filled with ice skating follies and Goofy attempting to ski for the first time without much success. Donald's Snow Fight 1942 DVD has the immortal Donald Duck pitted against his three naughty nephews in a wintertime snowball fight that will determine who is king of this all out snowball war.

A Walt Disney Christmas 1982 DVD is a wonderful collection of old time Disney Christmas and Winder themed cartoons that your family can enjoy each holiday season. A Walt Disney Christmas DVD is a wonderful holiday treat for your whole family to enjoy each Christmas. A Walt Disney Christmas DVD is tremendous holiday fun. This is a great way to show children some fantastic animated with Christmas and Winder theme shorts from the old days.
A Walt Disney Christmas DVD continues to charm audiences with terrific Christmas animated stories. A Walt Disney Christmas DVD is a wonderful Christmas cartoon compilation and an old school Disney favorite. A Walt Disney Christmas DVD is a holiday treat your whole family will love. A Walt Disney Christmas DVD is a Christmas animation compilation that will leave you breathless.

A Walt Disney Christmas DVD 1982 continues to entertain over 30 years after its initial release.
A Walt Disney Christmas DVD will have you and your family enthralled during the holidays.

All 6 Walt Disney Christmas Animated shorts included from the Original A Walt Disney Christmas:

* Once Upon a Wintertime 1954
* Santa's Workshop 1932
The Night Before Christmas 1933
* Pluto's Christmas Tree 1952
On Ice 1935
Donald's Snow Fight 1942

Bonus animated short features:

* The Cookie Carnival 1935
Ferdinand The Bull 1938

A Walt Disney Christmas DVD 1982

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