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A T. V. show along the lines of a soap opera which centers on one young woman, Tiger Hayes, as she starts up a perfume company. The usual soap plots of adultery, romance, corruption, and greed abound.

On 2 DVD's



Bruce Boxleitner
  • Chase Marshall
Linda Evans
  • Bobbi Rowan
Genie Francis
  • Tyger Hayes
Lee Grant
  • Ava Marshall
Joel Higgins
  • Matt Phillips
Donna Mills
  • Barbara Fisher
Frank M. Benard
  • Armand Habib
  • (as France Benard)
John Dehner
  • Hadden Marshall
Jonathan Frakes
  • Marcus Marshall
Susan French
  • Margaret Marshall
Belinda Montgomery
  • Melody
Tim Thomerson
  • Billy
Wendy Fulton
  • Muffin Marshall
John Larroquette
  • Arthur Williams
Maurice Marsac
Maidie Norman
Lena Pousette
Morgan Stevens


Bare Essence 1982 Mini Series DVD

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