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These aint my kids, those Bebe Kids! Robin Harris' standup comedy skit on Bebe's Kids was his most famous and hilarious bit. Rightly so that this was made into a feature film, thankfully before his untimely passing. Robin's humor and stereo type sting shines through in Bebe's Kids with great animation and very well drawn characters. These kids are everything but your run of the mill kids in the hood. Bebe's Kids make and even own trouble at times but underneath their tough exteriors the kids just need some quality attention. Their trip to the amusement park and the white police trying to follow their every move proves for some really fun and hip laughs. Robin's best material as a comedian is on full display here.


There are some stinging social jokes with heavy racial overtones but they are really funny. The drawn characters in this full length animated feature are very well done, as is the traditional animation. This animated adventure smacks with sassy bits of race related humor throughout. From the first frame you know that Bebe's Kids mean business! Nell Carter's voice work is great as well. Faison Love's vocal portrayal of the Robin Harris character is so spot on it's downright eerie. He is dead on with all the little Harris-isms that creep in throughout the film. Tone Loke's voice as the baby in diapers is spot on. All the voice work in this animated film is wonderful. It's easy to see why the casting for these voices worked so well. Funny while snarky at the same time. Each scene has fun energy ranging from silly to sloppy.


Wow, what a fun ride of an animated flick! Each frame has wonderfully drawn animation with lots of color and definition. Seeing and hearing Harris' comedy bleed through this comedic adventure is so satisfying. If laughing is good for you then you should watch this movie again and again. Funny, silly and downright raucous. Chock full of racial jabs and stereo types, this animated film is a must own for people of all ages who enjoy their comedy with a heavy dose of ethnicity mixed in. Strap in for belly laughs o plenty. Stuffed full of laughs and even a bit of heart this animated adventure will have you smiling and laughing the whole way through! Robin Harris' comic genius truly shines through in this animated adaptation of his brilliantly written characters. Faison's voice work is truly amazing. It's no doubt why this movie has held up so well with time, it's just funny.


Who can forget the flies buzzing around the babies diapers. Fantastic animation coupled with great ethnic humor and amazing characters. This movie allows us to laugh at the differences in each other while smirking at some old stereo types. The feature also includes the animated short Itsy Bitsy Spider. The animation is by the same team that did Bebe's Kids. This is a must own comedy for the African American audiences and all others are invited as well. You have to own this side splitting movie.


Cast & Crew


Vanessa Bell Calloway

Faison Love

Marques Houston

Tone Loc

Nell Carter

Wayne Collins Jr.

Robin Harris

John Witherspoon


Reginald Hudlin



Willard Carroll

Thomas L. Wilhite



Bruce Smith

Product Information



Widescreen 1.85:1 Color

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround [CC]

Bebe's Bebes Kids DVD 1992 Robin Harris Nell Carter

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