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Ben Casey 25 Shows on 7 DVD's


Gritty realistic hospital drama featuring manly Dr. Casey against the medical establishment, at first under the watchful eye of Dr. Zorba and later under the thumb of Chief of Surgery Dr. Freeland.



1. Monument To An Aged Hunter

2. Preferably, the Less-Used Arm

3. Saturday, Surgery and Stanley Schultz

4. So Oft It Chances in Particular Men

5. A Certain Time a Certain Darkness

6. A Few Brief Lines for Dave

7. And Even Death Shall Die

8. And if I Die

9. A Dark Night for Billy Harris

10. Francini? Who Is Francini?

11. Give My Hands an Epitaph

12. Hang No Hats on Dreams

13. He Thought He Saw An Albatross

14. I Hear America Singing

15. In the Name of Love, a Small Corruption

16. It Is Getting Dark And We Are Lost

17. La Vie, La Vie Interieure

18. Legacy From a Stranger

19. Little Drops of Water, Little Grains of Sand

20. Memories Of Candy Stripes

21. To The Pure

22. Use Neon for My Epitaph

23. The Big Trouble With Charlie

24. The Night Nothing Happened

25. The Sound Of Laughter


    The Quality Rating is 8 out of 10

    25 Episodes

    Commercial free and unedited

    This box set contains all 7 DVDs with Custom Artwork.

    These DVDs are region free so they will play on any DVD player Worldwide.




Ben Casey 25 Shows on 7 DVD's

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