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A goofy and sweet hunchback is suspected of spying through a telescope on campus at a big LA college. He spies from a tall tower, which he uses as his home. When his eye catches a hot college co-ed the fun begins. Bob the hunchback, played by Allan Katz, lustfully keeps his eye on her until he sees her being pushed away while trying to stop a thug from beating up her guy. This makes Bob angry and he makes his presence known by flying in from a rope, ala Tarzan, on the campus and gets the thug who shoved his love interest. Bob is then taken into custody by campus security and he is later examined by the college professors, Alex and Cathy. While in transit back to the college campus, Bob escapes and is being chased by Alex, Cathy, and Professor Webster riding along with them.


Bob leads the group to his special tower and shows them his place. Dr. Webster clearly feels that it's best for Bob. The comedy that takes place during all this is hilarious and makes for a very fun and cool 80s comedy. Katz and Parker are really funny and have great chemistry on screen.


Actors: Allan Katz, Corey Parker

Director: Jeremy Kagan

Writer: Allan Katz

Format: Color, NTSC, Fullscreen 1.33:1

Rated: PG-13

Studio: Lions Gate

Run Time: 102 minutes


Big Man On Campus DVD 1989 Allan Katz Corey Parker

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