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The 1986 Short Film 3D Sci Fi Epic Captain EO DVD showcases Michael Jackson at his Zenith as and was the King Of Pop in the 80s! Captain EO is the story the captain and his hardened crew of misfits that set out on a dire mission to bring a very unique and special gift to a nasty queen. This wicked queen lives on a dark and oblique world. Making to this dark And scary place is a blast and the journey is of epic scale, ala Star Wars style. This mission and visuals are a ton of fun here, especially when the Captain EO DVD starts dancing the boogie and the stellar special effects start blasting off. Jackson's music and dance in this movie are terrific. This short film was an amazing piece of cinema 3D history during the time of its making.

Captain EO 1986 DVD lets Michael Jackson show off his acting, singing and dancing skills.
This is one Michael Jackson adventure for the whole family and fans of the King Of Pop will surely be satisfied with every frame! Captain EO DVD remains a seminal entry into real 3D and a fun Sci Fi short that shows off all if Michael Jackson's talents. Captain EO DVD represented the first state of the art 3D movie shot. Captain EO DVD remains a fan favorite and an ultra cool short film with a big budget, famous director and of course The King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Captain EO DVD is a terrific short film and shows the talented Michael Jackson pull out all the stops.

Michael Jackson and the crew made an incredible short film Captain EO 1986 DVD. Captain EO DVD remains a fun and cool 80s Sci Fi film for Michael Jackson fans. Michael Jackson had some terrific dance movies in Captain EO DVD. Captain EO DVD remains a cool and fun 80s short film with the King Of Pop Michael Jackson. The Captain EO songs are terrific on this DVD. Michael Jackson's had some great achievements but his music videos in the 80s were monumental including the short 3D film Captain EO DVD.

Captain EO DVD remains a technological achievement for 3D film making in the 80s.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writers: George Lucas, Rusty Lemorande
Stars: Michael Jackson, Anjelica Huston, Dick Shawn
Runtime: 18 minutes
Video: 1.85:1 Widescreen (Letterbox), Color, NTSC
Release year: 1986

Captain EO DVD 1986 with Michael Jackson

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