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Dave Allen


With his trademark props - the stool and the whiskey glass - Dave Allen proves the essentials of great comedy are simply a microphone, an audience and an hour and a half of your time! Undoubtedly Dave Allen on Life showcases this most original stand-up comedian at his unsurpassable best. Handpicked by Dave, these classic monologues on the idiocy of life have been put together on video for the very first time and include over 20 minutes of footage never seen on TV before.



Dave Allen At Large Seasons 1-5 all episodes Disks 1-5


Dave Allen: God Owns Comedian Disk 6


Dave Allen: On Life Disk 7


Dave Allen: 20 Years of Laughter Disk 8


The Best of Dave Allen

A collection of the very best of Dave's sit down comedy and sketches from the 1970's and 1980's. .  Disk 9


Dave Allen: Christmas 1984 Special Disk 10


Dave Allen: BBC 1990 Episodes 1-6 Disk 11


Dave Allen: Vintage Dave Allen Disk 12


Dave Allen:  Boxing Day Special 1979  Disk 13


Dave Allen:  ITV stand-up with Dave Allen. 6 episodes (1 series), 1993 - 1994. Stars Dave Allen.  Disk 14


The Quality Rating is 8  out of 10


 This set contains 14 DVDs

Dave Allen The Complete 14 DVD Specials

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