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Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow 1964 DVD For Sale Patrick McGoohan Disney Set

Dr. Syn: The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh DVD 1964 For Sale Disney 2 Disc Special Edition Set Patrick McGoohan. This is an amazing 2 DVD set capturing all the magic of the original airing on TV in 1964 and the later release of the movie as a feature film for the UK audience. Both versions are a treasure to watch and enjoy. One of Disney's greatest TV movie triumphs.


DVD Synopsis:

The Classic TV adaptation comes to DVD in this limited 2 disc set. Patrick McGoohan stars as Dr. Syn, a priest by day and a pirate called Scarecrow ala Robin Hood, at night. Will the Kings men ever catch him? He seems to have one close call after another but its always exciting and full of action, suspense and adventure. Prized by Walt Disney as one of his flagship adaptations to add to the stable of top shelf Disney TV entertainment. All the performances in this classic are fantastic. McGoohan's dual portrayal of Christopher Syn's Priest and Scarecrow is nothing short of amazing. He seamlessly drifts back and forth between both characters  and they appear to be two completely different people. His soothing and caring voice as the priest; and his broken glass vocals for the Scarecrow, simply astounding. You will be floored when you listen closely as to how different the two voices are that come from McGoohan. The interaction between George Cole and Patrick McGoohan is always cohesive and solid. The direction in this production is fantastic. The English countryside is a glorious backdrop for this amazing story.


The supporting cast, beginning with George Cole, are all stupendous as well. Multiple viewings of this feature will be enjoyed over and over again. The entire look and feel of the film puts you right in the time of the oppression of the old King's yoke. Few stories carried the gravitas from novel to screen as this film. The restoration of the film results in a great looking and sounding DVD set. An interesting note that while made for TV the film was shot in a widescreen 1.85:1 aspect ratio. Disney put a lot of effort in to this 2 disc set and it really shows. The 5.1 Dolby Digital sound track is excellent as well. Disney went to great lengths to give this 2 Disc set the full treatment. The extras on each disc are quite interesting and entertaining. The people interviewed shed some interesting lights and facts on the making of this Disney classic.


Seeing McGoohan deliver this type of performance this early in his career is amazing. Walt Disney's passion for the Dr. Syn story is evident in each appearance made by the founder. The set designs and costumes are that of a big budget production as well. Disney spared no expense in this effort to make the quintessential Dr. Christopher Syn film. This was even shot with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio, another example of how this was really a full on big budget movie project that was made for TV. This is one of Disney's all time highest requested titles out on a limited edition 2 DVD set. Without question this is the quintessential version of the Dr. Syn story adapted for the screen and is a must own for fans of the story. With one of the most fascinating dual persona novels ever written and translated to the screen perfectly by Disney you cannot go wrong here.


This is one of the greatest U.K. casts assembled for any feature and they all shine in their roles. This is a story for the ages and is a great movie for the family all wrapped up together. Disney knows how to great songs to accent and promote their films, this is no exception. The fact that Disney decided to include both the U.K. feature film and U.S. TV versions of this production in this set was brilliant. The contents on both discs are really awesome.


The introductions by Maltin and the segment intros by Walt Disney are a great addition to this set. Special introductions done by film historian Leonard Maltin at the beginning of each disc. Leonard gives some great information and insight on this 2 DVD set. This is a timeless collection from generations past for generations to come. Also includes introductions and comments from Walt Disney himself on Disc 1! The extra feature on each disc are both highly interesting and informative. Disney did a wonderful job with the restoration of the film and with the supplemental material as well. They discuss everything from the chosen director to the night filter used in daytime shots. The writing in this film is rich and full of character intrigue.


Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow 1964 DVD Patrick McGoohan

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