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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD-R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending. DVD Format NTSC Region 1 USA/Canada.


Five Mile Creek Seasons Complete Series DVD


This is all 3 seasons of Five Mile Creek.


Follows the adventures of a group of Americans who travel to the land down under. Teaming up with a native halfway house owner, together they introduce a stagecoach service to the local economy.


Episodes: 39


DVD’s: 15


Quality: 9 of 10



Series cast summary:

Louise Caire Clark  Louise Caire Clark  ...  

 Maggie Scott (39 episodes, 1983-1985)

Jay Kerr  Jay Kerr  ...  

 Con Madigan (39 episodes, 1983-1985)

Rod Mullinar  Rod Mullinar  ...  

 Jack Taylor (38 episodes, 1983-1985)

Liz Burch  Liz Burch  ...  

 Kate Wallace (38 episodes, 1983-1985)

Michael Caton  Michael Caton  ...  

 Paddy Malone (38 episodes, 1983-1985)

Martin Lewis  Martin Lewis  ...  

 Sam Sawyer (37 episodes, 1983-1985)

Gus Mercurio  Gus Mercurio  ...  

 Ben Jones (37 episodes, 1983-1985)

Peter Carroll  Peter Carroll  ...  

 Charlie Withers / ... (32 episodes, 1983-1985)

Priscilla Weems  Priscilla Weems  ...  

 Hannah Scott (26 episodes, 1983-1984)


Five Mile Creek Complete Series DVD

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