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Charles Stuart, played by Ken Olin, a recently widowed spouse and father whose story is brought under scrutiny after inconsistencies are brought to light upon the investigation of his wife and daughter's death. Based on a true story, this made for TV Movie explores Charles Stuart's circumstances and subsequent investigation into his racially inflammatory accounts of the events that lead to his family's death. Originally Aired September 9, 1990 on CBS as a TV Movie. This is a solid story filled with plenty of suspense, drama and intrigue as more questions than answers present themselves throughout the course of the official and unofficial investigations. This is a TV Movie that should be in any family drama or thriller fan's movie collection.


Stars: Ken Olin, Margaret Colin and Annabella Price

Director: Jerrold Freedman

Writer: Daniel Freudenberger


Goodnight Sweet Wife A Murder In Boston DVD 1990 TV Movie Ken Olin

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