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Mickey Almon (played by David Keith) is a former sports star and recently turned reporter covering an Olympic type event in Moscow, Russia. Mickey is then framed by the KGB and forced to confess that he was a spy working for for the USA. Almon is then handed a harsh sentence resulting in his detention in a Gulag, a brutal and barbaric prison camp in the icy wilderness that is Siberia. Keith Makes a new friend, known as The Englishman, wonderfully played by McDowell. Mickey is unable to prove his innocence so he must decide to endure the inhuman conditions or plan a daring escape. Both Keith and McDowell give dynamic and believable performances in this prisons drama. Keith and McDowell are fantastic in this film together.


A great 80s made for cable TV movie by HBO, filled with tension and real human drama, this should be a part of any serious movie fan's collection.


Actors: David Keith, Malcolm McDowell, Warren Clarke, John McEnery, Nancy Paul

Directors: Roger Young

Format: NTSC, Color

Language: English

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Studio: HBO

Run Time: 130 minutes


Gulag DVD 1985 David Keith Malcolm McDowell TV Movie

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