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This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.


All DVDs are Region Free NTSC (North American) format unless otherwise specified.


Highway To Hell DVD 1991 For Sale Patrick Bergin Kristy Swanson

DVD Synopsis and information:

A young and wild couple begin to run off together to Vegas to get married in a snap but their trip to the desert and sin city takes a huge swerve when a demonic cop steals the bride to be, Rachel, played by the innocent looking Kristy Swanson of Buffy fame. The cop has strict orders to deliver her to directly to Satan played elegantly by the suave Patrick Bergin, himself.


Rachel's fiance Charlie, played very well by Adam Storke, will do whatever it takes to get his check back but first and he has to find out hot get to Hell and then back to Sin City to marry Rachel. The Highway To Hell that Charlie heads down will take him on a trip that he could never dream of in his worst nightmare.


Director: Ate de Jong

Writer: Brian Helgeland

Stars: Patrick Bergin, Kristy Swanson, Adam Storke and Chad Lowe

Technical Specs

Runtime: 94 min

Sound Mix: Stereo

Color: Color

Highway To Hell DVD 1991

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