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Jane is back with an all new workout regimen that only adds to the spectacular smash hit of her first workout video from 1982. Jane's New Workout consists of a a 35 minute beginners segment, 12 minutes of solid cardio building aerobics and a 55 minute Advanced segment with 16 minutes of super cardio aerobics. Both of these segments begin with a nice and smooth warmup, then it progresses to a workout for the waist, then arms and then aerobic segments. This is fantastic follow up with groundbreaking and original Jane Fonda Workout 1982. Jane and her group all look terrific and the music really has a good energy vibe throughout. Jane has one of her leads take over for a few segments and she is electric and terrific.


Jane really sets the bar high for this and all her subsequent workout videos. The floor stretches, abdominal, legs, hips, buttocks exercises are all designed for maximum calorie burning and muscle toning. Each segment included a a cool-down to help transition from the workout to a state of rest. Jane's New Workout is specially designed to increase strength and tone the in your muscles, develop more flexibility and increase your endurance and calories burned. Lots of energy and fun routines in this video to help you get and stay in good shape. A great workout to follow the original with. Jane has the talent and savvy to keep this videos interesting and fun. This video follow up solidified home video exercising. Jane takes to a whole new level in this great exercise video.


This video is LOADED with energy and you can't help but get addicted to the rush of Jane and her assistants.


Starring: Jane Fonda

Original Release Year: 1985

Format: Fullscreen 4x3, Color, NTSC (North American)

Language: English

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Run Time: 90 minutes


Jane Fonda's New Workout DVD 1985 Fondas

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