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The ORIGINAL 1982 JANE FONDA WORKOUT. This was THE workout video that started all the video workout craze and copycats in the 80s. Jane Fonda never looked so good in all that French Cut 80s colored spandex! Treat yourself to a blast from workout videos gone by and enjoy all the thin and in shape people doing things that only they can do. Jane takes you through a series of beginning workouts and then movies to an advanced set of exercising. Considered by many to be the Cadillac of 80s workout videos. Jane Fonda built her workout video empire on the foundation of this 1982 video. You will love the simplicity and energy of this video.


With all the craze of the 80s workout videos and leg warmers you can look to the Jane Fonda Workout video that kicked it all off. Whether for nostalgia or exercise purposes this is a great workout video to add to your arsenal. Jane Fonda herself stated she had no idea that this DVD would revolutionize and launch this industry. In this original Jane Fonda Workout DVD you will see the simplicity and directness of the workouts. Jane and her workout friends look absolutely incredible in this video. You have seen the rest, this one is THE BEST! Jane had said that she thought this would ruin her acting career, in fact she did just fine with her acting while building a workout video empire.


The majority of the exercises are quite simple to follow along with and are really fun to do. Stretching is a must and Jane will take you through a great stretch routine as well. Jane was really in amazing physical condition when this was shot, see her in the advanced workout segment as she pulls off these difficult exercises with grace and ease. It's really a fun trip back to see how Jane and the workout routines have changed over the years. Jane shows off her basic and advanced workout routines effortlessly with energy and vigor.


The exercise routines have a good pace and are definitely geared to get your blood pumping and your cardio going strong. Fonda's know how and movements show she is not just an actress. It makes sense that this is such a popular and desirable workout video and regimen. This is an excellent version with a very clear picture and great sound. This presentation the Original Jane Fonda Workout is the best possible A/V presentation available.


Jane's exercise companions in the back all stay in sync throughout with Fonda and her movements. Both workout are great in their own right, the beginning and advanced. Jane's follow up sequel to her original smash, Jane Fonda's New Workout 1985 was also a huge success. Together both DVDs make a wonderful workout regimen that can be enjoyed and used again and again. Jane really breaks new ground in many ways with this breakout success in workout home videos. Jane is in tremendous physical condition for this and her follow up in 1985. This pioneer workout video is a definite must own for collectors and users of aerobic and workout videos.


What a smash hit for Jane on her first crack at an exercise video. This video revolutionized exercising at home. Jane recently mentioned how shocked she was at the boom her first effort created. Jane Fonda has had many subsequent workout videos and still creates them. Jane Fonda is widely known for her acting prowess but her workout videos are her real niche. Jane continues to released exercise videos but they just don't have the same energy as the 1982 version. This is the defacto original and is a part of 80s pop culture in America. Fonda exhibits great confidence and ease throughout the exercises. With 80s leotards, leg warmers, high energy music and Jane Fonda in peak form, you must grab this title. This is a must own for workout video fans, as this one started it all!


Actors: Jane Fonda

Format: Color

Language: English

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Run Time: 90 minutes

Jane Fonda Workout DVD 1982

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