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Jay Trotter has waited a lifetime for this day. He's got a hot tip on a horse everyone thinks is ready for the glue factory. But, as track aficionados say, "Even when you know, you never know." One thing you can be sure of is that with Richard Dreyfuss, David Johansen, Teri Garr and more, this is a winning comedy. So drop in the disc and Let it Ride to enjoy this funny and oh so sweet comedy. Watching Dreyfuss effortlessly move about with a comedic flair is so fun in this film.


Dreyfuss has great comic timing and presence throughout. The supporting cast are equally funny and filled with quirky characters. It's characters give new meaning to "the odds." And its heart will touch everyone who's wondered: "If every dog has his day, why can't every person have one?" Dreyfuss, Garr and the supporting cast are marvelous. This film is loaded with great fun, comedy, wit and charm. A great comedy using horse betting as its vessel for laughs.


Cast & Crew


Richard Dreyfuss

Jennifer Tilly

Teri Garr

David Johansen


Ernest Morton



Let It Ride DVD 1989 Richard Dreyfuss Jennifer Tilly Teri Garr

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