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Magnificent actress and metaphysical guru Shirley MacLaine plays Shirley MacLaine in this wonderfully adapted teleplay of her own book of the same title. This Mini Series depicts MacLaine's multiple earthly and spiritual experiences. This Made For TV movie does an amazing job dramatizing Ms. MacLaine's loves and affairs in addition to her alien encounters and out of body manifests. There are other areas explored in this mini series like reincarnation, Extra Sensory Perception and trances. All these things were  significant parts in the Ms. MacLaine's highly interesting and extremely unusual life story.


Shirley's story starts on coastal area in California and then journeys forth through her amazing life and then winds up on a mountain top in Peru, where Shirley MacLaine discovered her past, present, possible future and beyond. A fascinating and interesting portrayal of herself that plays out in a most unusual fashion. This mini series originally played on ABC TV Network, January 18th & 19th 1987.


Actors: Shirley MacLaine, Charles Dance, John Heard

Directors: Robert Butler

Format: NTSC, Import, Full Screen

Run Time: 240 minutes


Out On A Limb DVD 1987 Shirley MacLaine 2 Disc Set

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