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Originally aired on February 22, 1965 This was the third incantation of the televised version of this beloved musical that Rogers and Hammerstein penned. This telecast garnered a 42 share, making it the highest rated television show in 1965. Lesley Ann Warren was only 18 at the time of this production and her co-star, Stuart Damon, was 28. Stuart Damion went on to play Dr. Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital for the next 30 years. This particular version of Rogers and Hammerstein Cinderella is far and away the most loved and cherished version of them all, rivaling even the Disney animated version. Warren approaches her character with a childlike sense of innocence, making her transgression toward becoming a princess even more rewarding. Of all the Rogers and Hammerstein musicals this version of Cinderella is their most lasting and loved work.


Lesley Ann Warren is surprisingly good both in singing and acting in her first starring role. The on screen chemistry and interaction between Warren and Damon is nothing short of magical. The movie itself looks a bit soft, this is dues to the original source tape, not film, that was used to record the broadcast. The retrospective featurette included in the special features menu is simply magnificent. Hearing Warren, Holm and Damon discuss their parts and experiences in this gem is fun and interesting. Their perspectives on this project is very insightful and informative. The menus and extras on the DVD make this a fantastic family viewing experience.


Damon's voice is in great form throughout the musical. Warren's performance as Cinderella is so simple yet her enthusiasm shines through in every scene. You will agree that this version of Cinderella reigns supreme. The lovely Ginger Rogers plays the refined queen and Celeste Holm gives an amazing performance as the fairy godmother. This was a perfect storm of actors and performances, making this version of Cinderella one of if not the most cherished of all time. The songs are brilliant and the performances are unmatched in any other version ever made. Worthy of multiple viewings and to be thoroughly enjoyed each time around. This is a fabulous home video release for this rare gem. Be sure to relive the fun and joy of this special musical. If you are a fan of musicals, the Cinderella store or both this is an absolute must own to add to your collection!

Cast & Crew


Walter Pidgeon

Lesley Ann Warren

Jo Van Fleet

Ginger Rogers

Celeste Holm

Stuart Damon


Joseph Schrank



Charles S. Dubin



Charles S. Dubin

Product Information


Bonus Trailers

Restrospective Featurette

Sing-Along To "In My Own Little Corner"

Weblink To The Official Rodgers & Hammerstein Website


Interactive Menus

Scene Selections


Standard 1.33:1 Color

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround [CC]


English, Spanish


Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Production Year: 1964

Release Date: 1/2/2002


Length: 83 mins

Rating: G

Chapters: 28

Rogers Hammerstein Cinderella DVD 1965 Lesley Ann Warren TV

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