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Traumatized Vietnam vet Kyle Hanson (Dirk Benedict of The A-Team) wanders into a small town, where he finds kindness and shelter with Jenny Bellows (Linda Blair), whose husband has been declared missing in action. But when sadistic local bullies decide to hunt down the lone veteran, they find that they've unleashed a crazed commando. The fuse is lit. The chase is on. And the Ruckus has just begun! Both Linda Blair and Dirk Benedict give solid performances in this action / revenge flick. Very cool performance and the Pre 'Face' Benedict is solid.


Released before the similar-themed First Blood, Ruckus co-stars Ben Johnson (The Wild Bunch) and Richard Farnsworth (The Straight Story) and features music by country legends Willie Nelson, Hank Cochran and Janie Fricke.

Cast & Crew


Linda Blair

Ben Johnson

Richard Farnsworth

Dirk Benedict

Matt Clark

Jon Van Ness


Max Kleven



Paul Maslansky



Max Kleven

Product Information


Audio Commentary with Director Max Kleven, and Stars Dirk Benedict and Linda Blair

Talent Bios


Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono


Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay

Production Year: 1980

Release Date: 8/1/2000


Length: 92 mins

Rating: PG

Chapters: 22

Includes: Audio Commentary

Ruckus DVD 1980 Linda Blair Dirk Benedict

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