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The teen martial arts action movie for the 90s. Starring the iconic Chuck Norris as himself in the role of a mentor to a teenager who has high hopes of becoming a true sidekick to Norris himself. This teen's daydreams actually turn into a reality when Barry's, plated wonderfully by Jonathan Brandis, ultimate fantasy hero comes to his rescue for real, in this super delightful action comedy smash. Sidekicks DVD is great entertainment and has a very cool Karate Kid esque buddy feel to the film.

Barry Gabrewski, Jonathan Brandis, lives in a complete fantasy land, where he daydreams as himself as the cool sidekick of none other than action megastar Chuck Norris. Together these two Karate Geeks routinely get into martial arts madness and mayhem. They easily dispatch every goon and menace that dares to take them both on. Unfortunately, back to reality, Barry is by no stretch any kind of hero. His peers do nothing but taunt him, laugh at him and call him a super geek. Barry's father, played terrifically by the acting legend Beau Bridges, suggests that he take on karate lessons. After Barry rejects the insanely abusive tactics of sesai Kelly Stone, played by the outrageous Joe Piscopo, they find Mr. Lee, plated by Asian Master Mako, a kindly old gentleman with an amazing knowledge of true martial arts, who takes Barry under his protection and wing. Barry eventually begins building his confidence, power and strength. Sidekicks is tremendous fun and has a good heart as well.

One day Barry gets the surprise of his life when he successfully fends off the school's nastiest and largest bully in a schoolyard brawl. But a much bigger and more important battle awaits Barry. Challenged to a tournament style competition Karate championship, Barry realizes that he needs a partner to compete - a true Sidekick. The real life fantasy approaches as the one champion comes to the aid of the daydreamer and together they become an unbeatable team the Sidekicks! This is a fun film and a highly entertaining daydream movie with a swift martial arts kick.

Sidekicks 1992 DVD is a great 90s teen martial arts fantasy film in the vain of the great Karate Kid. Brandis, Bridges and Norris are all terrific in Sidekicks DVD. Norris and Brandis are terrific together in Sidekicks DVD.

Actors: Chuck Norris, Beau Bridges, Jonathan Brandis, Mako, Julia Nickson
Directors: Aaron Norris
Writers: Galen Thompson, Lou Illar
Producers: Chuck Norris, Dean Raphael Ferrandini, Don Carmody, James McIngvale, Jordan Yospe
Format: Full Screen, NTSC (North American)
Language: English
Region: Region 0
Aspect Ratio: Fullscreen, 1.33:1
Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Run Time: 101 minutes


Sidekicks DVD 1992 DVD Chuck Norris

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