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Southern Comfort DVD 1981 For Sale Keith Carradine Powers Boothe



DVD Synopsis and information:

An entrancing look into backwoods justice, Cajun style! Keith Carradine plays Spencer, a weekend warrior with the National Guard along with Powers Boothe as Hardin. Full of action, violence and suspense, this film delivers on all levels and is downright scary and realistic. One of the grittiest and best action movies to come out in 80s to be sure. Carradine and Boothe have great presence and the suspense is taught. Set in the swamp lands of the bayou, amidst a quiet and surreal backdrop this films truly turns the screws at each turn. A very solid 80s action thriller movie with some real grit to it.


Cast & Crew


Keith Carradine

Powers Boothe

Franklyn Seales

Fred Ward

T.K. Carter


Walter Hill

David Giler

Michael Kane



David Giler



Walter Hill

Product Information


Original Theatrical Trailer


Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Mono [CC]

FRENCH: Dolby Digital Mono


Spanish, French


Studio: MGM / UA

Production Year: 1981

Release Date: 5/22/2001


Length: 105 mins

Rating: R

Chapters: 16


Southern Comfort DVD 1981 Keith Carradine Powers Boothe

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