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DVD Synopsis and information:

The life story of Tammy Wynette portrayed wonderfully by Annette O'Toole in this Made For TV production. Originally aired in 1981, O'Toole did her own vocal work covering Wynette's songs for this movie. The bad wigs that Annette O'Toole had to wear as a part of her wardrobe aside, this is a truly amazing story and depiction of one of country music's most famous female artists. O'Toole gives a very convincing performance here as Tammy Wynette. The script, performances and music are all top notch in this made for TV production. The musci and drama are both first rate in this Tammy Wynette dramatization.


An amazing achievement in Made for TV movies. McIntire and Huckabee are excellent in their respective supporting roles as well. An excellent portrayal of Wynette an Jones. This is a fascinating story of Tammy Wynette's life and tribulations. There is sadness and great moment of joy that are sprinkled throughout the movie. Fans of Tammy Wynette, country music, Annette O'Toole and domestic dramas will be delighted with this movie. A triumpahant portrayal by Annete O'Toole and amazing vocal performances as well. This was a first rate Made for TV production that is really a diamond in the rough. This is a must own for O'Toole and Wynette fans alike!


Director: Jerry Jameson

Writers: John Gay (written for television by), Tammy Wynette (book)

Stars: Annette O'Toole, Tim McIntire and Cooper Huckabee


Stand By Your Man DVD 1981

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