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A Double Feature of Epic Ewok Proportions! Your very favorite short and cute Star Wars characters, the Ewoks, are back in this double feature DVD collection. You and your whole family will enjoy many hours of great fun and Ewok entertainment. Both these Ewok action packed Star Wars adventures take you back to the lush green forest moon of Endor for a special reunion with the small but mighty Ewok super hero Wicket, and the very brave warrior Teebo. Both these films are excellent home video additions for family viewing. Filled with action, suspense, great makeup and effects. George Lucas put a lot of effort in to these two Ewok follow up films. Very fun films that continue the popular Ewok adventures.


Caravan of Courage 1984

In the film Caravan Of Courage there are the Towani family and they are separated when their small ship crashes on the forst moon of Endor. Unfortunately the parents of the group are quickly captured by the giant Gorax. Mace and Cindel, are the respective son and daughter and they are both missing. When the cute and furry Ewoks find out that the missing Towani kids are in the remnants of the shuttlecraft, it is very obvious that these children must gain the Ewoks trust order to have their help to embark on an epic Ewok adventure to rescue their captured parents.


The Battle For Endor 1985

In the relentless Battle For Endor, a feared army of looters and pillagers are led by King Terak and his nefarious partner, the Witch Charal. Together these two evil foes reel havoc and attack the Ewok village. Cindel and Wicket barely escape with their lives into the neighboring forest. Soon they meet Teek and Noa. Wicket and Cindel have to make Noa their friend in an effort to band together to bring down King Terak and his dark counterpart Witch Charal.


Star Wars Ewok Adventures DVD 1984 1985 Caravan of Courage Battle for Endor

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