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Amy Jo Johnson is Susie Q and Susie was going to a high school dance one night when she and her boyfriend got into a car accident and then fell off a bridge. Years later, a teenager named Zach Sands, played by Justin Whalin, moves into Susie's old home. Zach's father previously died in a car accident so his family now consists of his mother Penny Sands, played by Shelley Long, and his sister Teri, played by Andrea Libman. One night, Zach sees Susie's spirit, and Susie discovers the Zach can see her. Susie begins to explains to Zach that Heaven does exist but after death individuals are sent back to Earth to help their families through times when they can't seem to help themselves. This is a great TV movie with a spiritual and fantastical aspect that is undeniable and powerful.


Disney hits another home video home run! Johnson is simply terrific in this film. With a carefree attitude Susie gets the job done. These families get special help with the things that they need from their kindred spirits. This why Zach can see Susie; so that he could help her family. Zach is the only one who can see Susie and he begins to fall in love with her. Johnson is terrific and so is this family friendly movie. A wonderful example of good and wholesome family entertainment done right. This will bring you back to the good ol' days of the Disney channel in the early to mid 90s. This is a great family fantasy and drama from Disney and is a must own for family viewing and Amy Jo Johnson fans.


Director: John Blizek

Writers: Douglas Sloan, Shuki Levy

Stars: Amy Jo Johnson, Ernie Prentice and Bentley


Suzie Susie Q DVD 1996 Amy Jo Johnson

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