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All Seasons On a Hard Drive. Works with PC/Laptop or Smart TV.


John Steed works for British Intelligence and always has a female partner. The problems he finds are always a bit odd, just on the edge of science fiction (Cyborg killers, a city built under a disused coal mine, a gang put together for adrenalin junkies, and a killer who uses a concentrated cold virus to kill his victims by having them sneeze to death). Steed is always the ultimate in culture and grace as he saves the world each week.

The Avengers - Season 1 (1961)

Presently only "The Frighteners," "Girl on the Trapeze" and the first twenty minutes of "Hot Snow" are known to exist of the first season. All the other episodes of season one were destroyed by the BBC. Still, if these were somehow preserved and found decades later, there may yet be hope for further discoveries... We may hope that the rest will pop up someday, somewhere, somehow...

The Avengers - Season 1 (1961-1962)
S01E01.Hot Snow (Act One)
S01E06.Girl On The Trapeze
S01E15.The Frigteners


The Avengers - Season 2 (1962-1963)
2-01 Mr. Teddy Bear
2-02 Propellant 23
2-03 The Decapod (with Venus Smith)
2-04 Bullseye
2-05 Mission to Montreal (with Dr. Martin King)
2-06 The Removal Men (with Venus Smith)
2-07 The Mauritius Penny
2-08 Death of a Great Dane
2-09 The Sell Out (with Dr. Martin King)
2-10 Traitor in Zebra
2-12 The Big Thinker
2-13 Death Dispatch
2-14 Dead on Course (with Dr. Martin King)
2-15 Intercrime
2-16 Immortal Clay
2-17 Box of Tricks (with Venus Smith)
2-18 Warlock
2-19 The Golden Eggs
2-20 School for Traitors (with Venus Smith)
2-21 The White Dwarf
2-22 The Man in the Mirror (with Venus Smith)
2-23 Conspiracy of Silence
2-24 A Chorus of Frogs (with Venus Smith)
2-25 Six Hands Across a Table
2-26 Killerwhale


The Avengers - Season 3 (1963-1964)
3-01 Brief for Murder
3-02 The Undertakers
3-03 Man with Two Shadows
3-04 The Nutshell
3-05 Death of a Batman
3-06 November Five
3-07 The Gilded Cage
3-08 Second Sight
3-09 The Medicine Men
3-10 The Grandeur That Was Rome
3-11 The Golden Fleece
3-12 Don't Look Behind You
3-13 Death a la Carte
3-14 Dressed to Kill
3-15 The White Elephant
3-16 The Little Wonders
3-17 The Wringer
3-18 Mandrake
3-19 The Secrets Broker
3-20 Trojan Horse
3-21 Build a Better Mousetrap
3-22 The Outside-In Man
3-23 The Charmers
3-24 Concerto
3-25 Esprit de Corps
3-26 Lobster Quadrille

The Avengers 1961-1969 Season 1-7 Complete Series Hard Drive

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