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The Cay TV Movie on DVD Synopsis and information:

Theodore Taylor's classic novel comes to life with James Earl Jones as Timothy and Alfred Lutter III as Phillip. The two are thrust together after their ship is sunk by a torpedo. Phillip is traumatized and scared but with his newly found friend and survival partner, Timothy, he quickly realizes that he is fortunate in more ways that he could ever imagine. James Earl Jones turns in a tremendous performance as Timothy early in his illustrious and prolific acting career. The book is a classic and this adaptation is as well. Alfred Lutter also gives an exceptional performance and Phillip. This film is very satisfying and delivers a great overall experience in relation to the novel. This short film is a little known gem that depicts events and characters beautifully that Theodore Taylor created for his novel. The Cay Film 1974 is a terrific supplement for classrooms to discuss the novel and compare the two.

During the hurricane scene you really feel the awesome power of the storm and the fear of the two characters. This was filmed in the Cayman Islands so the realism is absolutely authentic. Taylor's novel receives great treatment here with this fine script and cast. The performances here are fantastic as well as the absolute authentic feeling of the film and how it translates so well from the novel. This is a must own for classic literary to film fans. This film also makes for great classroom instruction and discussion. The Cay 1974 Full & Complete TV Movie is a terrific adaptation of Theodore Taylor's novel. The Cay DVD is a good and accurate adaptation of Taylor's novel.

The Cay DVD remains a terrific novel adaptation and a seminal classroom aid for teachers. The Cay DVD 1974 has James Earl Jones giving a masterful performance as Timothy. James Earl Jones is terrific in The Cay DVD 1974. The Cay DVD is a magical novel adaptation and wonderful story. Watch today! The Cay DVD remains a powerful drama based on the terrific novel by Theodore Taylor.

Stars: James Earl Jones, Alfred Lutter III and Gretchen Corbett

Director: Patrick Garland
Writers: Theodore Taylor (novel), Russell Thacher (teleplay)

The Cay 1974 Made-for-TV Movie on DVD

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