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This DVD is a High Quality DVD+R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.


The Good Witch TV Series 2015 Season 1  on 4 DVD’s   8 Episodes


"Good Witch" will take viewers on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace. When Dr. Sam Radford moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the 'magical' mother-daughter duo.



1  "Starting Over...Again"

After the death of her husband, Cassie Nightingale and her family find themselves caring for his ailing father-in-law. Moving in next door are the Radfords, Sam and Nick. Sam, the town's new doctor, has difficulty getting patients, as the town goes to Cassie's store for her more earthly herbal remedies.


2  "Running Scared"

Ashley, a troubled young woman, shows up at Grey House looking for a place to stay. Next door, after Nick's trouble at school, Sam attempts to discipline him without pushing him away. After being caught between them, Grace tries to avoid Nick, but soon finds herself a pawn in another one of his lies now involving her best friend Anthony. Using intuition and some of Cassie's advice, Grace plans to expose Nick's lie to Sam, who must finally improve his family's relationship. Meanwhile, Middleton prepares for the annual Heritage Festival, including a 10K race and grand ball, and bistro owner Stephanie hopes to spark a romantic connection and a date to the dance with Sam. Then, as a suspicious Brandon is eager to investigate Ashley's background, one of Cassie's coincidences draws Ashley and Derek together. A stranger then comes to Cassie claiming to know Ashley and reveals a long-kept secret. Cassie is caught in Ashley's lies and Middleton's new mystery.


3  "Do The Right Thing"  

The Middleton police attempt to track down a missing Ashley, but it is Cassie who might know where to find her and how to change her direction. Meanwhile, the town is excited about the Heritage Ball at the Grey House, but a confrontation on the dance floor arises when Ryan's ex-fiancée shows up.


4  "All In The Family"

Cassie's cousin Abigail arrives in Middleton. Sam hires her to be his receptionist, despite Stephanie wanting the job to get closer to him. Abigail also influences Grace's rebelliousness, often taking her side on several issues with Cassie, who states being the only one left to set limits for Grace. Anthony and Grace plan to team up on a history project, but she later disappears.


5  "The Truth About Lies"

Grace returns home from studying at the library, accompanied by Nick, who escorted her. Martha plans to re-develop Middleton, in order to improve her chances of running for governor. However, Ryan decides to take his business to Blairsville. Abigail offers to help Sam cook dinner for his date with Stephanie, but, when Abigail doesn't show, Cassie saves his dinner plans. Lori researches Abigail's past to learn she was being truthful about her life in New York City. Sam and Nick begin working on their damaged relationship.


6  "The Storm"

When a blizzard threatens disaster in Middleton, Cassie must convince Sam to follow her intuition in order to help a young couple survive the storm. Brandon becomes involved in a crash and Abigail helps Stephanie after she takes a fall inside the Bistro. Grace, Anthony, & Nick get trapped inside the library.


7  "Together We Stand..."

The storm continues to threaten the lives of the people in Middleton. Cassie and Sam work together to save a young man's life. Anthony, Grace, & Nick continue to wait out the storm in the library. Derek later takes them home. Nick's mother, Linda, arrives at Grey House.


8  "True Colors"

Cassie receives a letter that her shop could be shut down after a greedy developer bought her building; Ryan could be to blame. Next door, Sam confronts his ex-wife Linda (Gabrielle Miller) as she threatens to sue for custody of Nick. Struggling to do what's best for Nick, Sam looks for Cassie's guidance, leading them to find comfort in each other's company. Likewise, Nick talks to Grace about his parents' stalemate, and her own insight helps her to see what Nick might not be ready to admit. Then, Brandon's wife Tara (Ashley Leggat) returns to Middleton, and the two must decide how to move forward in their marriage. When Tara surprises him with an overseas opportunity, Brandon is torn between needing to be with his wife and honoring his late father's wishes to look after a distraught Cassie possibly losing the shop. However, Cassie conjures up a plan to bring the two back together, and when a guilty Ryan attempts to save the Bell, Book, & Candle, he finds that her charm has always been at work. As Cassie considers the future of their romance, she finds her feelings for Sam turning into more than friendship, just as Grace and Martha conspire to bring all of Middleton together in hopes of saving the Bell, Book, & Candle.

The Good Witch TV Series 2015 Season 1 on 4 DVD’s 8 Episodes

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