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The classic Made for TV smash hit starring Don Johnson and Cybill Shepherd teleplay is based on the 1958 film of the same name and on two William Faulkner short stories. Johnson is Ben Quick, a silky smooth talking drifter in the south, who's under suspicion as an arsonist. Quick gets job at a Mississippi plantation house owned by the town big wig Will Varner, played brilliantly by Jason Robards. Varner's daughter Noel, played by Judith Ivey, and daughter by marriage Eula, played by the great Cybill Shepherd, both have eyes for the debonaire Ben. While the mother of the family,  played by Ava Gardner, tries to hold all together and her weak son Jody, played by William Russ, boils with anger. Then some local barns catch fire making Ben the primary target. A murder trial and and good ol' lynching group get involved in the second part of the TV mini series.


Originally airing October 6th and 7th 1985. A must own for TV Mini Series fans. This is an excellent 80s Made for TV mini-series, full of stars, drama, sex and scandal.


Actors: Don Johnson, Jason Robards, Judith Ivey, Cybill Shepherd, Ava Gardner

Directors: Stuart Cooper

Writers: Dennis Turner, Rita Mae Brown, William Faulkner

Producers: Bobbi Kronowitz, Daniel T. Cahn, Dori Weiss, John Thomas Lenox

Format: Color, Doly Digital 2.0, NTSC (North American), Fullscreen

Language: English

Rated: NR (Not Rated)

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme

Run Time: 193 minutes


The Long Hot Summer DVD 1985 Don Johnson Cybill Shepherd TV Movie

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