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The Sword And The Sorcerer DVD 1982 For Sale Richard Lynch



DVD Synopsis and information:

A Kingdom Ruled By Evil.

A Princess Enslaved By Passion.

A Warrior Driven By Justice.


Meet Talon, a daring mercenary who conquers castles and dungeons alike with his lethal three-bladed sword. But when Talon learns that he is the prince of a kingdom controlled by an evil sorcerer, he is thrust into the wildest fight of his life. Can Talon rescue the beautiful princess and slay the warlock, or will he fall prey to the black magic of medieval mayhem? Lee Horsley (The Face Of Fear), Kathleen Beller (Time Trackers), Simon MacCorkindale (Jaws 3) and Richard Moll (House) star in this action-packed adventure saga, filled with brutal battles, luscious maidens, savage monsters and more! A definitive 80s fantasy film that can be enjoyed over and over again. This is an excellent fantasy movie with solid makeup effects and story.

Cast & Crew


Kathleen Beller

Anna Bjorn

Nina Van Pallandt

Emily Yancey

Richard Moll

Richard Lynch

Simon MacCorkindale

George Maharis

Robert Tessier

Lee Horsley

Anthony Delongis


Albert Pyun

Tom Karnowski

John Stuckmeyer



Marianne Chase

Brandon Chase



Albert Pyun

Product Information


Theatrical Trailers

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Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)

Audio: (more info)

ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]


Studio: Starz / Anchor Bay

Production Year: 1982

Release Date: 4/24/2001


Length: 99 mins

Rating: R

Chapters: 27

The Sword And The Sorcerer DVD 1982 Richard Lynch

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