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This DVD has a basic PC or no menu. This DVD is a High Quality DVD-R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.


The Wild and the Innocent. DVD (Region One) 1959 Color. Digitally re-mastered.  Audie Murphy, Sandra Dee, Joanne Dru, Gilbert Roland, Peter Breck, Strother Martin.

Audie Murphy and Sandra Dee star in this charming tale of innocence in the Old West. Murphy plays Yancy, a naïve trapper on his way to the big city of Casper, Wyoming to get supplies. Dee plays a wild mountain girl whose family would be happy to sell her for a few pelts of fur. Together they get into all manner of trouble and learn a lot about the realities of life and love in a rough and tumble western town.

Gilbert Roland, Joanne Dru, Peter Breck and Strother Martin round out the fabulous cast of characters.

The Wild and The Innocent 1959 DVD

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