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Harry played fantastically by Burt Lancaster, and Archie, played brilliantly by Kirk Douglas, are both released from prison together and are ready to collect their Social Security checks. How could they possibly get into any more trouble at their age? Trouble is exactly what they want and find. They tangle with a parole officer who is a famous criminal groupie, Dead end where people don't know they are dealing with dangerous, though older, criminals, a hit man who can barely see, but who still has an outstanding contract on them. Does anyone still rob trains?


The perfect crime duo are together again. This is a fantastic 80s comedy with two huge stars from their respective eras. Douglas and Lancaster are terrific in this film.


Director: Jeff Kanew

Writers: Jim Cruickshank, James Orr

Stars: Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Charles Durning

Technical Specs

Runtime: 104 min

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen

Tough Guys DVD 1986 For Sale Kirk Douglas Burt Lancaster

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