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This DVD is a High Quality DVD-R BACKUP. This title is very rare, out of print and has NO FUTURE RELEASE DATE pending.


This cartoon series follows the adventures of Tut-ankh-en-set-amun, a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy on display at a museum who is revived in the present day by a bolt of lightning. You'd think someone who's been dead for three millenniums would be a bit more humble after returning to life, but once an egotistical boy king, always an egotistical boy king. Now a confused blend of zombie pharaoh and Frankenstein's monster, this reanimated ruler adapts to his modern-day surroundings with the help of young friend Cleo and her talking cat, Luxor.


6 DVD Set


Season 1


1    The Awakening    
2    Curse of the Pharaoh    
3    Clash of the Shabtis    
4    I Did It My Way    
5    The Boat of Millions of Years    
6    The Powerful One    
7    There's Something About Natasha    
8    King of Memphis    
9    Roommates    
10    Ghostbusted    
11    Near Dead Experience    
12    The Unsafety Zone    
13    Happy Coronation Day, Tutenstein


Season 2


1    Friends    
2    Green-Eyed Mummy    
3    The Shadow Gobbler
4    Tut Jr.    
5    Something Sphinx    
6    The Supreme Tut    
7    Old Man Tut    
8    Cleo's Catastrophe    
9    Queen for a Day    
10    Day of the Undead    
11    Procras-Tut-Nation    
12    Behdety Late Than Ever    
13    Walter the Brain

Tutenstein Season 1 and 2 DVD

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